Robert Piontek – Tiny Planet Photography

5 Apr

Impressive photographic collection by Robert Piontek.

“In Tiny Planet is special way off viewing gold “projecting” has panoramic image. What you see in each image is the entire scence ace I saw it, ace I was standing in the middle off the planet. Forwards, backwards, left, right, and down. Almost everything I could see from each hiring is recorded in every image. The only thing you miss has small share off what was directly overhead.”

Robert Piontek uses a stitching program called hugin. Young stag is the Web address:

It works well and it’ S free. Actually, while there are many programs out there that will stitch your panorama, the last time I checked only has couple off them could special C the kind off projection which is used for Tiny Planets. Hugin is one off them.

you can check more from the master himself here:

and here:


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