Art Attack

21 Apr

Odie Senesh is  a fashion stylist and producer from Israel. In this art performance she concentrate on a dialogue between  Fashion and Art Performance, a sophisticated symbiosis of various art productions inspired by Andy Warhol’s   ” Silver Factory” where each event combines the art production of musicians, photographers, poets, designers and models. This condensed cultural display from the 70’s is still relevant and vibrant today. It attests to the fact that Art and Fashion are inseparable. The inter- relatedness between the two worlds is the basis for the scene where photography, choreography, hairstyling and make-up feed into another form of art. Spontaneous audience participation and live documentation of this event result in a unique and irrevocable display.

 The professional team:

Photographer: Ella uzan
Make up artist:
Tal Martziano!/makeuptal
Hair designers:
Nadav&roico hair salon:!/pages/nadavroico/271659079169?sk=wall
Nikki Shanie Goldstein
Production Assistant:
Adi Drori
Production Assistant &
direction: Chen Chefetz
producing & styling:
Odie Senesh!/profile.php?id=1125973180


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