Robin Eley Realistic paintings.

27 Apr

Robin Eley is from  Belgium and his specialty is realistic photographic oil paintings, I must say that it’s quite impressive since it took me a while to even notice they are paintings (specially his latest series), even when I look really close it still looks like a photo.

Robin Eley was born in London in 1978 and was aged 3 when moved to Australia with his parents. He studied at Westmont College in California in 1997 earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He returned to Australia in 2002 where he now lives with his wife Rachel.

Robin explains his art like this:  “Themes of impermanence, aspirations and failed ambition underpin carefully constructed aesthetic elements of composition, texture and the interplay of warm and cool. Inspired by history, I extract from the present. Artifacts and textures that reflect the beauty and nobility of decline and question the modern obsession with perfection.”

check his website for more goodies:


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