Eric Drooker

25 Oct

ERIC DROOKER is a painter and graphic novelist, born and raised on Manhattan Island. He’s the award-winning author of Flood! A Novel in Pictures, and Blood Song. He designed the animation for the recent film, Howl, a movie based on the epic poem by Allen Ginsberg, who collaborated with Drooker on the book Illuminated Poems. His paintings appear on covers of The New Yorker, and hang in numerous collections. He regularly draws from the figure, and is working on a series of nude paintings for an upcoming book. (Taken from his website).

I think I bumped into Eric’s work when I got the Faith no more CD ‘King for a day, fool for a lifetime’ back in 1995, I was very impressed with the artwork so I started to dig in about the artist who made it, slowly but surly I to noticed more of Eric’s artwork when I got into The New Yorker magazine, Eric’s art is powerful yet simple in my eyes, it has soul and passion and strong colors but never too much, just about right, his compositions are flawless, a very good artist if I can say so myself.

To see more of Eric Drooker’s Art simply check his website HERE!!


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