Sivan Askayo

10 Nov

Sivan Askayo, an Israeli photographer based in NY for the last 10 years is currently involved with emerging artists groups both in NY and Tel Aviv and is attending ICP; International Center of Photography in NY.

After few years of working in Corporate America, She has decided to follow her passions of photography, writing and traveling and combine them all together, creating portraits of a city or a place through her lens.

She traveled throughout Europe, North and South America, Alaska and China, looking for the complex, aesthetics and layers of a place.  She is inspired both by the city dynamics and its people, as well as the space of the rural and Nature. Her passion for Street Photography has led her to follow Graffiti and Urban Art as well as the artists themselves and document their work.

She is currently working on a long term project called ‘Intimacy Under the Wires’ which reveals images of laundry both intimate and unconfined while their snoopy character makes laundry, a seemingly prosaic subject, all the more intriguing, teaching us something about the culture and the way people live.

* I had the privilege to take a long walk with Sivan on the streets of Tel-Aviv one day, it was a hot summer day in 2011 and we both decided to simply walk and try to catch some shots, it was a good day and I had fun looking at Sivan cramping into corners trying to nail a perfect shot, she defiantly got an eye for finding amazing subjects in a a place where most people will simply walk on by unnoticed, I personally love her post process, always fresh and makes me want to travel once again, I am pretty sure Sivan can make a postcard out of every street corner and make you dream what it would be like if you were there yourself…

Fantastic right?!? I told you! You want to see more? check out her site HERE:
facebook page:


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