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Dave Kinsey

6 Nov

Dave Kinsey was born in Pittsburgh in 1971, attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Art Institute of Atlanta before moving to California in 1994 to pursue a career as a designer and fine artist. His work attempts to capture the universal essence of the human condition mainly through a symbolic portrayal of contemporary life. Utilizing a range of mediums, he constructs multi-layered, textured environments that echo the complexities of our existence. His fine art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide—among these have been exhibitions at the URBIS Museum in Manchester, UK, NEXT Chicago, Joshua Liner Gallery in NY, Alice Gallery and Art Brussels in Belgium. His work has been featured in multiple local and international print and online publications from The New York Times and Washington Post to The Citrus Report.
He has also been invited to speak at institutions such as the Pasadena Art Center, UCLA, Montserrat College of Art and the Semi-Permanent conference in Sydney, Australia. Kinsey founded BLK/MRKT in 1996 and BLK/MRKT Gallery (now Kinsey/DesForges) in 2001, allowing him to provide a crossroads for a new movement of emerging iconoclasts. (Taken from his website).

I clearly remember the first time I stumble into Dave”s Art, it was a cover of magazine in Europe about a decade ago, I was stun from the beauty of the colors and sharpness of the lines, the overall mixture was so pleasing to my eyes, delicious styles, I was not able to define if I was looking at a painting of graphic design work or street art piece, it all mixed into one for me, since then I have been keeping my eye on Dave’s artwork and please to say that the years have been kind to him, I always seem to be impress with his new fantastic skills and even improving artworks, Bravo Dave, Bravo!

Nice, right?! check out more of his world on his website HERE!


Eric Drooker

25 Oct

ERIC DROOKER is a painter and graphic novelist, born and raised on Manhattan Island. He’s the award-winning author of Flood! A Novel in Pictures, and Blood Song. He designed the animation for the recent film, Howl, a movie based on the epic poem by Allen Ginsberg, who collaborated with Drooker on the book Illuminated Poems. His paintings appear on covers of The New Yorker, and hang in numerous collections. He regularly draws from the figure, and is working on a series of nude paintings for an upcoming book. (Taken from his website).

I think I bumped into Eric’s work when I got the Faith no more CD ‘King for a day, fool for a lifetime’ back in 1995, I was very impressed with the artwork so I started to dig in about the artist who made it, slowly but surly I to noticed more of Eric’s artwork when I got into The New Yorker magazine, Eric’s art is powerful yet simple in my eyes, it has soul and passion and strong colors but never too much, just about right, his compositions are flawless, a very good artist if I can say so myself.

To see more of Eric Drooker’s Art simply check his website HERE!!

Jonathan hobin: in the playroom

14 Oct

‘in the playroom’ by canadian photographer and art director jonathan hobin is a series of images that depict children reenacting major current events and headlines of our time. including major news items such as 9/11, hurricane katrina, the north korean missiles, and the jonbenét ramsey trials, the collection juxtaposes the often devastating themes with the high-spirited setting of a kid’s playroom.

utilizing relevant props – dolls, plastic toys, stuffed animals – with bright and playful backdrops, the images are eerily innocent and unsettling in their motif. at once bold and uncomfortable, the series delineates the question of how far our current cultural climate alters and infiltrates our society.  (Text taken from Designboom site)

To check more artworks from JH click here:

Neil Stewart

13 Oct

Known for his energetic fashion campaigns for such brands as Tretorn, Puma, and Folk, Neil Stewart is running his own race, combining freedom with precision, and pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium. His unique style has established him as one of the new generation of photographers with a strong identity and a broad appeal.

Neil started shooting editorially in London for publications including Dazed & Confused, iD and The Face, using his raw, free spirited approach to create uncontrived imagery with an adventurous feel. The resulting stories led to commissions from a diverse range of clients within the fashion, technology, car, sports and drinks industries, including J Lindeberg, Nokia, Hertz, Ellesse and Bacardi, who all utilised Neil’s distinctive character to promote their products.

One of Neil’s most influential commissions to date has been his series of groundbreaking campaigns for the Puma owned brand, Tretorn. These campaigns have contributed to the brand’s success in a very competitive market place and are, perhaps, the best examples of the essence of Neil’s work.

Neil lives between London and New York where he continues to expand his influence both in stills photography and in the world of moving imagery. (Taken from his website and I couldn’t agree more!)

Check more of Neil’s work here:

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