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Adida Fallen Angel – The Fallen

9 Jan

Basically, Adida has a  serious amount of Artworks which changes it’s shape every few years, he rewrites his CV again and again over time and his life story keeps throwing him into corners he never thought he will end up in, he is  a traveler of both mind and heart and his passion is music above all, then comes the Arts.  He does what he can to survive and follow his  dreams even if it requires extreme sacrifices along the way, it’s all that he cares about, besides that he gets high on sharing and working with others.  Inspiration is his favorite word, right after independence.  Adida in mostly known for his photographic skills and the ability to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to manipulations and graphical exploration of his ever growing techniques.

When he is not sketching, skating or shooting shots you might find him screaming his lungs out in his current musical project called SpoonLicker, where he is singing and recording his first album in Canada along side some very talented musicians.

‘The Fallen’ is a street art series which Adida started when he got stuck in Israel back in mid 2011, his frustration reached such a high level he needed to express himself so badly that his Art started to leak into the streets of Tel-Aviv.

Night Session with Adida Fallen Angel from Adida Fallen Angel on Vimeo.

Big Newspaper, Wallpaper glue, wall, paper, night time and lots of street Art…These are my friends, we know each other well, we rise and fall like the seasons, we are not here to stay, we are here to fade away.

You can check more of Adida’s skills on this website here:
And his Facebook Artist page:



4 Apr

I had the privilege to play a little with the Broken Fingerz crew from Haifa, Israel when I spend some time there on a family visit, we clicked and did some sweet collaboration, they dropping massive parties with great vibe and delicious art and I’m doing some backdrop visuals (Under code name V.J MediaFreak) to fill the  gaps.
I love this crew, they are a great mixed bag of delicious talent, they work hard and spend quality time perfecting their skills, I have plenty of respect to people who do that.
Rock on boys and best of love and luck on your journey!
Here are a few pix of their Art and a super sweet stop motion clip of their explosive styles.

Here is a video they made in their last visit to China.

Here is a video of the Broken Fingaz Crew at Tiger Translate Cambodia 2012

Here are the boys in: Broken Fingaz @ Hamutzim Studio & Jelly Button Games

And here are some Art works and then some!!!

Check out their site for more madness, I would highly recommend their blog, it’s pretty sweet indeed!!/BrokenFingaz


1 Apr

Spray paint and stencil artwork on paper and the outside world, by Orticanoodles a mysterious crew from Milan they got great stuff on their website but sadly it’s all in Spanish (I think!) , still, check it out.


To check more about this madness click here:


26 Mar


EurekArt! you found us.



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