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Ella Uzan

8 Mar

“I was born in 1984 in Israel and up until 2 years ago I never would have guessed that photography was to become such an obsession for me.

My passion for taking pictures started to bloom rapidly after graduating from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem where I studied animation for 4 years. My artwork has been displayed in various galleries around the world and can be seen in different popular fashion magazines as well as in online style sites and inspirational blogs.

My photos endeavour to transmit a particular atmosphere and emotional impact.
I achieve these qualities through the use of different combinations of lights, colours and via classic manipulation techniques that I have picked up over the years. ” (From Ella Uzan Bio on her website)

* I got to know Ella a few years ago thru the poplar social networks we are all accustom to, we never actually met but we did mange to establish  an online friendship which circles our main passion in life, visual expression!

I’ll be honest saying that I truly love her work, it is fresh, colorful and full with emotions, I simply cant get enough of it.  Every time she shares a new series with me I need to pick my jaw up  from the floor, so simple yet so effective, so clean and vibrant yet so hidden and mysterious, it’s basically great photography and I wish her success on her path of self explorations with and without the camera, I really believe she is going to become pretty famous in this field and I for one, will be watching closely…

Simply Delicious! Check more of her style on her website here: ELLA UZAN


Richard Bernardin

15 May

Richard has been in the industry as long as I can remember. always ahead and upfront with his style and technique. His ways of expression thru film always impressed me and gave me an inside look to the world of fashion photography I always seemed to enjoy when it comes to delicious sights and vibrations.
He is one of Canada’s leading photographers who is represented in Montreal, New York and Paris.
Influenced by the films of Truffaut, Cassavetes and Kubrick, Richard brings a strong cinematic feel to his unconventional photographic style.

He is a regular contributor to such magazines as Elle, Fashion, Lush, Icon, R14, Vogue Brazil, and FQ. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and have won numerous prizes.

check more delicious shots from the master on his site here: http://www.richardbernardin.com/2009/index.html

Art Attack

21 Apr

Odie Senesh is  a fashion stylist and producer from Israel. In this art performance she concentrate on a dialogue between  Fashion and Art Performance, a sophisticated symbiosis of various art productions inspired by Andy Warhol’s   ” Silver Factory” where each event combines the art production of musicians, photographers, poets, designers and models. This condensed cultural display from the 70’s is still relevant and vibrant today. It attests to the fact that Art and Fashion are inseparable. The inter- relatedness between the two worlds is the basis for the scene where photography, choreography, hairstyling and make-up feed into another form of art. Spontaneous audience participation and live documentation of this event result in a unique and irrevocable display.

 The professional team:

Photographer: Ella uzanhttp://www.ellauzan.com/
Make up artist:
Tal Martzianohttp://www.facebook.com/#!/makeuptal
Hair designers:
Nadav&roico hair salon:http://www.facebook.com/makeuptal#!/pages/nadavroico/271659079169?sk=wall
Nikki Shanie Goldstein
Production Assistant:
Adi Drori
Production Assistant &
direction: Chen Chefetz
producing & styling:
Odie Seneshhttp://www.facebook.com/makeuptal#!/profile.php?id=1125973180

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