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Jake Blanchard

26 Apr

London based production team Sam&Sam  have created a great  mini documentary on British illustrator Jake Blanchard that gets into the artists process of printmaking, his anxieties of being a freelance illustrator, and his favorite projects. Watch the full documentary after the jump.

Jake Blanchard talks to us about his latest exhibition, Hylozoism, and reflects on the life of a freelance illustrator.

A little bio Jake wroth on his website:
“I’m an illustrator currently based in London. I studied Illustration at Brighton University after growing up in the beautiful countryside of the Peak District.
I am also a music enthusiast and run record label and publishing company Tor Press.
My work is inspired the environment, evolution, music, biology, mythology, ancient cultures and anything else that appeals to me.”



Viktor Hertz – Pictogram Movie Posters

2 Apr

Viktor Hertz , A Swedish designer who created this wonderful  pictograms  series of film posters.
Minimal design in full effect, every once in a while he uploads a new one, get cooler and cooler as the days go by..

you can check more of his fantastic styles on his flickr page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hertzen/


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