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Brandon Boyd

14 Nov

Brandon Boyd, an amazing singer (The band Incubus and also his own  rising solo career) and also a very talented painter. I clearly remember diving into Incubus early CD’s which had amazing artwork inside and made me look for the artist and to my surprise finding out it was Brandon’s artwork! His paintings and sketches have a voice of their own just like his voice has shapes and colors that forms as he opens his mouth and send out a gentle scream.  I found this video of his first mural project which made me want to post it, share it and grab a few pix of his artworks just so you will capture the image of this talented boy.

Check it out and don’t forget to listen to his music too!


An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Brandon Boyd’s first-ever mural project. Our cameras were with Brandon through the entire process to provide a unique perspective of the artist, surfer, singer and activist’s first collaboration project with Hurley. Video: YB and Francisco Magana.


For more goodies go here!!!





Juxtapoz Presents Die Antwoord

14 Apr

At first glance I was pretty shocked from Die Antwoord, didn’t know if I should hate it, love it or both! after the winds settled down I realized that I have lots of respect to artists who stand tall against all odds and deliver raw what comes from inside, Die Antwoord is like that, I don’t have their music on my machine and I wont go to see their show if it comes around but I’ll tell you one thing,  I bow down to their guts and creativity, that to me is what art is all about! Rock on! Juxtapoz (a cultural art magazine we adore!) did a small video piece with the artists and here is what came out…check it out!

Juxtapoz spent an afternoon this past Fall at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, and put a camera in the face of the most anticpated performers of the 2-day feastival, South Africa’s art-hip-hop group, Die Antwoord. We had so much footage of our time with the group that we broke it up into 3 parts.

We talk with Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er at the Treasure Island Music Festival to discuss their career, art, and favorite movies. And we watch them drink in an empty shipping container. “We make pop music, we’re pop artists,” Ninja tells us.

Check  Juxtapoz website: http://www.juxtapoz.com/

Check Die Antwoord site here: http://www.dieantwoord.com/

More clips from Die Antwoord!


Shawn Knol – Oil in Water

3 Apr

An artistic experiment using oil in water by Shawn Knol. Music by Bonobo.

Woodkid Iron

31 Mar

Woodkid’s Iron new video clip is simply fantastic! Amazing artwork all together, enjoy.

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