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Kenichi Yokono

14 Dec

Kenichi Yokono uses traditional woodblock methodologies to address the comic book horrors of contemporary Japanese culture. Manga, anime, horror movies, and other stereotypical aspects of Japanese pop culture merge to present iconic images of buoyant menace and cruelty, which serve to contrast startlingly with the sugary cartoon characters that are also common. Although functioning woodblocks, the works are only ever exhibited directly and prints are never produced. Such a method maintains the primacy of the hand made object and the artist retains a tangible presence. These multiple oppositions in Yokono’s work results in pieces that are highly relevant critiques that retain a pleasing irony.

Born in 1972 (Kanazawa, Japan), Yokono was trained at the Kanazawa College of Art (Japan). He has had solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Vienna and Amsterdam, among numerous international group shows, and has been offered residencies at the McColl Center for Visual Art (NC) and the International Studio and Curatorial Program (NY). He was the recipient of the 2005 Asian Cultural Council Fellowship award, and the Tom Eccles Prize (NY). The artist lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. (Taken from Mark Moore Gallery site).

I simply love KY artwork, maybe because he uses amazing detailed carved woods or simply because he plays with my favorite color combos, red, black & white. Every time i see a new piece of him i get inspired, so fresh and tight, just bloody good!

Super good!

check his website for more delicious carvings: http://insolite-s.com/english/yokono.html


Baptist Debombourg

13 Apr

Baptiste Debombourg’s works look into the relationship between common objects, everyday life events and art. Generally he works with sculptures and installations, but he also uses other media such as video, photography, drawing or performance.


check more from Baptist Debombourg on his website here: http://www.baptistedebombourg.com/news

Gerry Judah – 3D Paintings

9 Apr

Impressive 3d  models of buildings made of fabrics and paint,  Gerry Judah, the English artist showing powerful creation of destructions standing strong for the viewer to embrace.

Here is a great article  David Cohen from  artcritical.com wrote about this exposition.

“Judah’s chromophobia equally operates non-metaphorically, sparking stark associations of grainy satellite pictures…”

The debut New York show for India-born British artist Gerry Judah initiates a new venue, Fitzroy Gallery, which opened its Soho doors last month. Judah’s equal parts ominous and alluring three-dimensional paintings (relief seems an inadequate term for works of such in your face heft) take war and destruction as their subject, giving us bombed out, nondescript brutalist seventies structures in dramatic aerial view. Judah is a legendary set designer for TV, theater, museums, rock concerts, counting Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and The Who among his clients, as well as the BBC and London’s Natural History Museum. He lovingly builds his unlovable buildings with model-maker’s care only to deconstruct the resulting forlorn, innards-spewing wrecks with equally meticulous destructiveness. The monochrome (black or white), painterly alloverness of these architectural funerary portraits is aestheticizing, almost indeed ethereal—think Charles Simonds meets Mark Bradford meets Cy Twombly— despite their ash-strewn sense of doom. And yet Judah’s chromophobia equally operates non-metaphorically, sparking stark associations of grainy satellite pictures. The destruction detailed is remote and visceral, dainty and monumental, abstract and chillingly real.

Gerry Judah has many works on his website, very impressive installations as well, check it out:  http://www.gerryjudah.com/

Van Wanter Etcetera – Dutch Book Week Campaign

27 Mar

The following portraits were made as part of a campaign (called Written Portraits) for the Dutch Book Week.The campaign was created by Van Wanter Etcetera using real book pages to show different faces behind the (auto) biographies: Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdollah.

For more works by the VWE agency go here: http://www.etcetera.nl/

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